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Why choose Business Banker Online Services?

At Heartland Bank, we know that running a business can be a challenge. That's why we offer Business Banker Online Services —the secure, easy way to access your business accounts. Transfer funds, view checks online, make tax payments, deposit funds directly into your employees' accounts and more. Plus, with Multi User Access and optional Dual Authorization, you can give just the right amount of access to the right employees.

Features At A Glance

  • Multi-user access with definable permissions
  • View consolidated account information
  • View current business day transactions (Real-Time)
  • Internal transfers and stop payments Online
  • Generate Wire transfer requests
  • ACH functions allowing Direct Deposit of Payroll, Direct Payments and Cash Concentration
  • View checks online to assist with account reconcilement and research
  • Account information can be exported into many accounting packages to streamline the reconcilement process

Detailed Features

Multiple User Access

Set up multiple users within your organization with restricted or full access to Business Banker Online Services. Each user can be set up according to your specifications allowing them to access only what’s authorized by you. This ability allows you to set up a dual control method to minimize error and to safeguard your company from internal fraudulent activity.

Consolidated Account Info

Owners of multiple businesses, or those customers who wish to view both their business and personal accounts at the same time can access all of their accounts on one screen. For each account you can view all activity from the current and previous statement cycle, or search for a specific item by check number, amount or date cleared.

Internal Transfers and Stop Payments

Move funds between related Heartland Bank accounts with ability to schedule future transactions and initiate a stop payment on a check from anywhere you have Internet access, at any time.

Current Business Day Transactions

Need up-to-the-minute information on your finances? In addition to past transactions, you can view current day transactions being presented on all accounts.

Wire Transfers

Our online wire service allows you to have complete control over your wire needs. Set up and transmit wire transfers with our easy to use online wire form. Store wire instructions on our system with our recurring wire option - When you are ready to transmit the wire transfer, simply enter the amount and transmit the wire.

ACH Transactions

The ACH network is used to transmit funds electronically between financial institutions. Heartland Bank delivers the ACH network to you via our Business Banker Online Services ACH options, allowing your business to utilize applications such as:

  • Direct Deposit
    Offer your employees or clients direct deposit with our ACH options. Utilize Direct Deposit to transfer funds into a consumer's bank account. Direct Deposit can represent a variety of products such as, payroll, bonuses, advances, payments, and much more.
  • Direct Debit
    Direct Debit benefits companies with billing operations, allowing you to electronically debit a consumer’s bank account for payment. The consumer grants the company, by written authorization, to initiate periodic charges to his or her account as bills become due. Direct debit is primarily used for utility, rent, or mortgage payments, membership dues, and other obligations. 
  • State and Federal Tax Payments
    Send your state and federal tax payments using our Business Banker Online Services ACH Options. You must first enroll with the State and Federal agencies before you can begin sending your tax payments online with Business Banker Online Services.
  • Cash Concentration and Disbursement
    Cash concentration and disbursement allows companies to achieve efficiencies in cash management through timely intra-company transfer of funds. The Cash Concentration and Disbursement application can be used to either distribute or consolidate funds between corporate entities. Using this application, a limited amount of payment related data could be included with the funds transfer if needed.
  • Corporate Trade Payments
    Corporate trade payments enable corporations to exchange both data and funds with trading partners, facilitating an automated process of updating their accounts receivable and accounts payable systems. The Corporate Trade Exchange application supports the transfer of funds (debit or credit), within a trading partner relationship, in which a message or payment related information is sent with the funds transfer using multiple addenda records.

Check Images

With a single mouse click, you can view a copy of all your processed checks.

Download To Accounting Software

Do you use financial software like Intuit® QuickBooks or Microsoft® Money? No problem. Business Banker  Online Services allow you to download all your transaction information and import it directly into your software.

The Right Fit For Your Company

Different businesses have different needs. That's why Heartland Bank's Business Banker Online Services let you choose the products you need.

Heartland Bank Business Banker Online Services Comparison

Features At A Glance
Level I
Level II *
Level III *
Level IV *
Merchant Capture
One Log-In for All Accounts Must have Level I Business Banker
Internal Funds Transfers Unlimited-no fee Unlimited-no fee Unlimited-no fee Unlimited-no fee
Account Balance & Activity Information Memo ledger balance previous and current day activity Memo ledger balance previous and current day activity Memo ledger balance previous and current day activity Memo ledger balance previous and current day activity
Stop Payments Available at standard fee Available at standard fee Available at standard fee Available at standard fee
View Images of Checks
View Past Statements
Bill Payment**
Multiple Security Levels
Wire Transfers** Not Available Not Available Domestic Wires-$10
Domestic Wires-$10


Single ACH Transfer Not Available $1.50 each $1.50 each $1.50 each
ACH File Transfers Not Available $1.50 each $1.50 each $1.50 each
Transaction Items
$.06 per item $.06 per item $.06 per item $.08 per item
Tax Payments Not Available $2.00 each $2.00 each $2.00 each
Customized Account Names
Export Transactions
Contact a Personal Banker for Pricing & Set Up Fees.

* Security tokens are available with these plans.
**Other fees and agreements may apply.  Please refer to the Bank's standard schedule of fees and services, as amended periodically.

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