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Coming in 2015 - A New Permanent Branch in Hastings

Hastings, NE – Jeremy Anderson, Regional President of Heartland Bank, is pleased to announce that construction will soon begin this spring on a permanent bank building located on the north side of Hastings. A double-sided sign with the rendering of this new building was installed on the 1.2 acre lot to promote this upcoming 8,000 square foot construction project to the community.

Wilkins Hinrichs Stober Architects of Kearney, Nebraska were hired to design the building. Management of the bank worked in conjunction with the architects to create a design focused on providing the absolute best customer experience. New features include a two-lane drive thru, a central lobby that is open to clients, a 24-hour drive thru ATM, and a community room that will be used to host seminars for the public and training for bank associates. “Our team has done a great job of serving our customers, and this building will further enhance their capabilities to continue serving customer needs,” said Anderson, “Every aspect of the new bank was very carefully planned out to best serve the customer.”

Heartland Bank is utilizing Carmichael Construction, a local family contractor in Hastings, to construct the building. “We wanted to make sure that a local contractor was involved,” said Anderson, “we are building a business based on the surrounding community, so it is important to utilize as many customer and business relationships as possible with this project.” 

“We have dreamed of building a permanent location ever since we opened up the temporary branch in Hastings in April of 2008. It has been a fun process thinking of ways to improve the design in order to give back to the community. Finally seeing everything come together really brings the layout and design into reality,” said Anderson. 

The completion date of this project is currently scheduled for December 15, 2015.  

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4 Simple Steps to Stop a Cyber Thief 

In recognition of National Data Privacy Day on January 28, we wanted to inform our customers of four simple steps to take in order to avoid being a victim of cyber theft.

1. Create c0mplic@t3d passwords

Avoid using passwords that are predictable and easy to uncover. After selecting a difficult password, be sure to change this password periodically and be mindful of who you share this information with.

2. Keep tabs on your accounts

Be up-to-date on your every day account activity. Utilize tools such as Online Banking, e-Statements and other methods to keep any eye out for any suspicious transactions.

3. Stay alert online

Keep your computers, phones, tablets etc. equipped with up-to-date anti-virus and malware protection. When surfing the web, be mindful of fraudulent activity such as unsolicited emails, and website links which are insecure.

4. Mobilize your defenses

Use the security options on your smartphone to make it difficult for thieves to access the private information on your device. When getting rid of an old device, make sure to clear it of any information important to your identity.

Tips for Victims:

If you are a victim of fraud and suspect your personal information has been compromised, you should take the following steps:

  • Call us Heartland Bank (800-759-3119) and notify your credit card issuers immediately.
  • File a police report and consider placing a victim statement on your credit report.
  • Place a fraud alert on the account under fraud suspicion.
  • Make a note of all authorities you contact regarding the fraudulent activity. 

At Heartland Bank your online privacy and security is important to us. If you have any further questions about how you can protect yourself from cyber fraud, you can call the FTC ID Theft Consumer Response Center at 1-877-438-4338.

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$500 Christmas Cash Giveaway

Kearney App Winner

Sheila Jimenez Wins $500 Christmas Cash Giveaway* Sponsored by Heartland Bank

Sheila Jimenez of Kearney is this year’s winner of the $500 Christmas Cash Giveaway sponsored by Heartland Bank. Kearney App presented Jimenez with her prize this afternoon at Heartland Bank in Kearney. Shown in the photo are Travis Hollman from the Kearney App, along with Fili Sanchez and Jeff Kreycik from Heartland Bank. Jimenez intends to use the money to buy a few additional Christmas gifts and to “pay some bills.”

The giveaway was set up as a “sweepstakes” within the Rewards section of the Kearney App. Those who participated used their rewards points to buy entries into the sweepstakes over a period of a few weeks. Each entry cost 10 points and users were allowed to buy as many entries as they could afford.

Points are earned in Kearney App Rewards for doing various activities, such as logging in through the Kearney App every day and participating in promotions that are made possible by Kearney App sponsors.

Click here to learn more about The Kearney App.

The next Kearney App giveaway is scheduled for early January and is themed around the Super Bowl. The details of that promotion will be announced at that time within the Kearney App and on the Kearney App Facebook page.

*This promotion was coordinated and ran by The Kearney App. The Kearney App and are produced, owned, and operated by Hollman Media, LLC. and are not affiliated with Heartland Bank.

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Holiday Hours & 2015 ACH Business Calendar

In preparation for the Holiday Season we wanted to inform you of the processing deadlines and holiday hours for Heartland Bank. We have also included a link to download our 2015 ACH Business Calendar.

Download 2015 ACH Business Calendar

The deadlines for any file or funds transfers, such as payroll files or pre-authorized debit files are as follows:

  • December 24th: 12:00 pm (noon)
  • December 31st: 12:00 pm (noon)

All files must be submitted before this time. No files will be processed on Christmas or New Year's Day. The holiday hours for all Heartland Bank locations are as follows:

  • December 24th: Closing at 12:00 pm (noon)
  • December 25th: Closed all day for Christmas
  • December 31st: Closing at 12:00 pm (noon)
  • January 1st: Closed all day for New Year's Day

If you have any questions, please contact your local Heartland Bank branch. Once again, thank you for choosing to bank with Heartland Bank. We wish you a happy holiday season!

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Steps to Prevent Online Identity Theft

Over the past few decades, technology has progressed at what seems like light speed. We now live in a world where our computers, phones, tablets, TVs, watches, cars, and glasses can all be connected to the Internet. This connectivity allows technology to simplify and enhance our daily experiences. Unfortunately with this, comes the unavoidable potential for fraud and identity theft. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and we are taking action by informing you about the potential for online identity theft and providing you with steps to avoid it.

There are several different forms of identity theft. Online identity theft usually deals with credit reports and bank accounts and would be classified as a form of financial identity theft. This occurs when criminals gain access to bank accounts allowing them to steal funds through electronic transfers. Online identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. In 2013, one person in America fell victim to identity fraud every two seconds.

You can increase your online safety by following these simple steps:

  1. Keep your private information private - Do not share your Social Security Number or account information with anyone who contacts you online or over the phone. Make sure not to post any sensitive or personal information on social networking sites.

  2. Shred sensitive papers - Shred receipts, bank statements and unused credit card offers before throwing them away.

  3. Use Online Banking & Mobile Banking to protect yourself - Monitor your financial accounts regularly for fraudulent transactions. This can be done routinely by using our online and mobile banking services.

  4. Secure your computer - Make sure the virus protection software on your computer is active and up to date. When conducting business online, make sure your browser’s padlock or key icon is active. Also look for an “s” after the “http” to be sure the website uses a secure connection.

  5. Secure your mobile device - Use the passcode lock or fingerprint scanner on your smartphone and other mobile devices. This will make it more difficult to access your information if you lose your phone. Be sure to also setup and use the remote swipe and location features on your device. If you are using an iPhone, this is the Find My iPhone service, which will allow you to remotely lock, swipe, or locate your iPhone if it is lost or stolen.

By following the five steps above, you can decrease your chances of becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft. Cyber security is an important issue that we want to make sure you are informed about because privacy and security is a top priority at Heartland Bank. For more online security tips and information, visit

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