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The Right Service for You

Matching Your Needs With The Right Expertise

Are you wondering whether trust or investment services are right for you? You have come to the right place. Below you will find brief descriptions of customers who we have assisted. If you identify with any of these descriptions, please give us a call.

Trust Services
  • People who want to maintain a legacy, like preserving a family farm or business for multiple generations.
  • People who fear conflict among their heirs, and want a neutral, objective third-party to manage their financial affairs.
  • People who want to provide financial support for multiple generations.
  • People who have doubts about their heir’s ability to handle money.
  • People who want to provide for physically or mentally disabled heirs without reducing government benefits.
  • People who want to minimize estate and inheritance taxes.
  • People who have a farming operation or business, and are unsure how to divide the business after they are gone.
  • People who own income-producing real estate, but whose heirs live outside of the area.
  • People who need liquid assets like life insurance, to pay estate and inheritance taxes at death.
  • People who want their financial affairs to remain confidential at death, but who still desire competent, supervised administration of their estate.
  • People who want to remove the burdens of financial management from their heirs.
Estate Planning Services
  • People who would like to determine who receives their assets at death.
  • People with minor children.
  • People with blended families.
  • People who are concerned about conflict among heirs.
  • People who are concerned about estate taxes.
Estate Administration Services
  • People who need a neutral third-party to resolve conflict among heirs.
  • People who want their estate administered with the highest level of expertise.
  • People who want a personal representative that is accountable and accessible.
  • People who want to simplify their financial affairs after death.
  • People who recently suffered a death in the family, and are unsure how to proceed with the legal and financial issues.
  • People who are involved in an estate proceeding, and are looking for an amicable way to resolve the issues.
Management of Charitable Entities
  • People and institutions that need to establish or have managed a religious, educational or charitable foundation.
  • Schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations that need assistance with their planned-giving programs.
Agency Accounts
  • People who need someone to manage their agricultural, residential or commercial real estate.
  • People who need someone to manage their financial affairs.
  • People who need someone to invest their money for them.
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