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A community bank

built for the digital age.

We’ve built a brand new digital branch to bring the full banking experience to you when you're not able to make it to your local branch.

Customize Your Digital Branch

Throw-Me-Back Photo Contest

 We are seeking throwback photos to use in our 2017 calendar design. Your photo submission could win you $300 cash.

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Latest News & Stories

Throw-Me-Back Photo Contest

We’ve come up with an exciting idea for our next community calendar photo contest. We are seeking ...

New Associate - Kacy Johanson

We are excited to welcome Kacy Johanson to our Heartland Bank team! Kacy is our new Universal ...

Chapman Swifts Coffee House

Think you know coffee? Spend a few minutes with Katie Moore, owner of Chapman Swifts Coffee House ...

Working Capital is Disappearing

It seems just about every farm management topic / article / presentation is talking about working ...

Recent Check Writing Scams

There's been explosive growth in counterfeit personal, business and cashier's checks and money ...

Investing in Our Communities

One of the most exciting updates we have made over the last six months is the completion of our ...

New Associate - Tim Hecke

We are excited to welcome Tim Hecke to our Heartland Bank team! Tim is our new Trust Administrator ...

New Associate - Caitlin Dumas

We are excited to welcome Caitlin Dumas to our Heartland Bank team! Caitlin is our new Media ...

Does Your Browser Need Updated?

For many of us, we access the internet on a daily basis, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, work ...

Hastings Branch - Grand Opening

It’s been a full year of hard work, but our new branch building in Hastings is now complete. We ...

Rough Start to the New Year

The first two weeks of 2016 have been eventful for investors. Domestic stocks tumbled across the ...

A Special Holiday Gift - 2015

Earlier this year, we held a photo contest for our 2016 Community Calendar. We received numerous ...

November Ends with a Whimper

October 2015 proved to be the best month for stocks in the past four years and among the top five ...

Heartland Bank Holiday Hours

At Heartland Bank, family is one of our core values. As Christmas and New Years are approaching, we ...

Heartland News - Summer 2015

If you prefer viewing our newsletter in PDF format, you can download your copy by clicking the link ...

Get to Know Apple Pay

We are excited to announce that you will soon be able to use your Heartland Bank debit card with ...

New Associates & Promotions

Our Heartland Bank team has grown, and we want to keep you updated on the new faces you might see ...

Setting Your Affairs in Order

Growing up, one of my favorite books was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Set in rural Alabama ...

Ambassador Club News

As the saying goes, “Time flies when you are having fun.” Wow, I can’t believe that 2015 is more ...

Why Heartland Bank?

At Heartland Bank you are more than just an account number. We strive to be the financial partner who is with you through life’s ups and downs. You have goals and dreams, and we’re here to help you reach them.


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From CDs to IRAs, Heartland Bank has the right savings option for you. We’re here to listen to your goals and review the alternatives that best fit your life.

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